About Me

First, let me introduce myself...my name is Joe Pecsi (no, not Pesci), welcome to my personal blog! I'll be honest, I've tried blogging before but had a hard time consistently trying to come up with content worth posting.

This time around I want to approach it a little different; I'm not going to worry about schedules, or constant content creation...instead I am going to use this as a place to share my projects or new things I'm learning. I hope you enjoy the site, be sure to check back every once in a while!

Disclaimer: All of my content is my own and in no way is related to or reflects my employer(s).

My Professional Background
I am currently an engineer with Applied Intuition. I recently transitioned from CACI as a Lead Systems Engineer where most of my work involved systems engineering & integration for complex information systems.

My degree and background are in Information Assurance and Security / Risk Analysis. I have always had a passion for defensive cyber security (blue team), as well as networking and virtualized infrastructure. Most of my experience and job roles have involved the design and management of environments (of varying size) with a security focus.

My Personal Background
Long story short, I grew up in South Jersey and have lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and now settled in Virginia! I am not a big fan of the city and I most definitely prefer land and quiet. Currently I live in the outer parts of Northern Virginia with my wife and two wonderful dogs, Marty and Emmett (named after my favorite movie).

I have a growing list of hobbies that are both technical (home automation, home theater, electronics) and non-technical (golf, smoking meat, fishing). It's important (to me) to take time to detach from technology...but sometimes I just can't help it!